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Yamashita – A New Japanese restaurant in Hobart

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Yamashita Japanese Restaurant, another brand-new Japanese restaurant just opened in CBD🍣🍱, locates in the middle of the Criterion street. It has a clear storefront lightbox sign. While we were looking at the menu on the window, a waiter came out introducing the menu to us nicely👍.

We arrived at about 11:30, it’s still quite empty. When we walked in, the front little area is not quite ready yet, but according to the waiter, it will be used for teppanyaki😲😲! The area inside is surprisingly big with approximal 70 to 80 setters. They are still at the stage of soft opening, so they haven’t opened for dinner yet and serve set lunch mainly.

We made a quick decision this time, and here is what we ordered:
1. Japanese eye filet set, as it was on special $16
2. Tonkatsu Set $19
3. Tempura vegetables

After a very short waiting time (about 10 mins), the bell rang and our food was ready. That was extremely fast. The eye filter was served medium rare to medium and cut into pieces in a fragrant Japanese source. The sauce tastes so good, I even poured the extra sauce on top of rice! The chef said it’s their secret sauce blended with fruit and veggies🍑🍊🍅🥕, something we will never find in other places.

Pork Tonkatsu was very crunchy, but the things I love the most was the mixed cabbage salad underneath, which tastes a bit like sweet white radish!

Both of the lunch sets came with a Chawanmushi (Japanese egg custard) and a daily appetizer (Japanese potato salad today). Not many Japanese places in Hobart offer Chawanmushi. It tastes silky smooth and kinda like a warm pudding, just perfect for the cold windy day. Though I love the potato salad the most. It was deliciously creamy with crunchy cucumber and Masago on the top. I would have ordered a full size of it if it were on the menu.

We were quite satisfied and full in the end. They are going to open for dinner from next Thursday. Can’t wait to try that out then😋😋!

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