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Bar Wa Izakaya – a popular Japanese restaurant & bar in Hobart

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We visited Bar Wa Izakaya for the first time a few days ago. It was about 9:30pm, and everywhere else was pretty much closed. 

By looking at the store front, I thought it was just a tiny bar. But we were led through the hallway and seated in a big area at the back. The light fitting combined with hundreds of empty sake bottles on the ceiling creates a special look and feels indeed. All the typical masks, models and figures displayed bring Japanese atmosphere to us. The light was tuned to orange and the music volume is just at the right level. The restaurant was still half full at the time. 

I am always struggled with ordering stuffs at a new place, so we asked for some recommendations. The waitress was very friendly,  who advised that most of plates are for sharing, so they are all small to medium size. It will probably take 4 to 5 dishes to fill 2 of us. Here is what we ordered (they are around $15 – $20):

1. Chicken Karaage wa
2. Pork belly Tonkatsu
3. Yakiniku Platter 
4. Yaki Udon

They have a very long drink list. Lots of Japanese beer and sake, wines and cocktails selections. Cocktails are in $20 range, beers are around $14 to $16. Some Sake 80ml at $12, and 250ml for $30.  Price is a bit high for me personally. (May because they are all imported?)

The dishes came fairly quickly. About 20 mins, they were coming out one by one. Yakiniku Platter was very impressive, small serve, but you get to taste different types of meat and flavour.  Yaki Udon was full of good stuffs and dancing in the bowl (because a lot of Katsuobushi on the top). The Chicken Karaage wa is not the best I’d had though, but still average. 

Overall, it was quite a good experience. It has one of the best atmospheres we’d ever experienced. It’s a kind of place you feel comfy and relax, and would love to bring your beloved ones there. We will definitely go back again.

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